Saturday, 26 October 2013

Bonjour tout le monde. Alors c’est les petites vacances et vous pouvez vous reposez un peu.. … mais n’oubliez pas vos devoirs.

A huge welcome to the North Walsham High School MFL blog.  This site is written and maintained by Mrs Presland (with occasional help from Zena) and aims to keep students and parents/carers informed and up-to-date with what is going on in our department..  There are pages for each year group, for homework, pages of interest, as well as an area for parents and carers.

Mrs Presland’s groups should by now have received a code for her VLE on Edmodo. This resource will give students files for revision as well as vocabulary, grammar and homework updates. Students can use Edmodo to do virtual homeworks, uploading files which they can then keep as resources. We will be rolling this out across the department so that all students will have access. GCSE students can access revision folders. All students will be awarded badges for progress and parents and carers can be given codes, via their child, to keep tabs on submitted assignments.  This is a safe learning platform and unknown names will be immediately deleted. Codes should not be shared outside of year groups. Please help us to keep the VLE safe and secure. Any student who is unable to access the internet at home will be able to use the school homework club to do so. This should mean that no student is disadvantaged.
Please feel free to contact me via the blog; all comments are edited before publication. Students can post notes onto Edmodo when they need help and they will be answered either by a teacher or by another student. This means that no student should be stuck on an assignment and so there will be fewer excuses for late homeworks!

Madame Presland

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